Sponsor a Special Child
Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society is spending Rs: 7500/= per child per month. You can sponsor teaching & training cost of a child by sending your donations on Annual, Bi-annual or Monthly basis. Your support will enable them to become contributing members of society.






Rs. 7,500/- (Monthly)
Rs. 45,00/- (Bi-annual)
Rs. 90,00/- (Annual)


Sponsor a Room
We are trying to establish a sheltered home and sheltered workshop for adults with special needs. You can sponsor a Room, One Section or One Floor in our new under construction project (Gosha-e-Aafiyat). A plaque with sponsor’s name will be displayed outside the room.






Rs. 450,000/- (One Room)
Rs. 2,500,000/- (One Section)
Rs. 6,000,000/- (One Floor)


Sponsor a Screening Camp
Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society has procured a tailored made and fully equipped mobile assessment unit.  We set up screening camps in different districts of Punjab. Our more emphasize is on rural or suburban areas and we provide screening & guidance facilities to special children from under privileged segments of society. Sponsor a screening camp to help those special children in need of screening, checkup and guidance.



Rs. 50,000/- (One Camp)
Rs. 75,000/- (Camp with Medicine)
Rs. 250,000/- (6 Auditory Devices)


Sponsor Annual Stationary

Rising Sun Spends 25,000 Monthly for buying stationary items for all the students. You can sponsor stationary items for all the needy special students. Following Items are included

Books, Note books, Paper rims, Colors etc.





Rs. 25,000/- (Monthly)
Rs. 150,000/- (Bi-annual)
Rs. 300,000/- (Annual)


Sponsor an Equipment
We are striving to provide international standard teaching & training facilities to our students with special needs. We need to incorporate technology and equipment to keep pace with international trends in therapy and academics. Currently we need following equipment for our physiotherapy gym.





Rs. 45,000/- (Elliptical Bike)
Rs. 85,000/- (Trade Mill)
Rs. 125,000/- (Complete Gym)


Contribute to Endowment Fund
Constantly changing economic scenario of our country makes economic sustainability of NGOs,  like Rising Sun, very difficult. Contribute to our sustainability, donate for our endowment fund.







Rs. 20,000/- (Twenty Thousand)
Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand)
Rs. 100,000/- (Hundred Thousand)


Sponsor a Vehicle
Rising Sun provides transportation services to more than 80% of its students. In order to provide these facilities to maximum number of students on specially designed vehicles, we need your support. Sponsor a vehicle to facilitate access to special education and care.






Rs. 700,000/- (Suzuki Bolan)
Rs. 2,500,000/- (Toyota Hiace)
Rs. 5,000,000/- (Hino Bus)


Sponsor Vocational Training Material
Rising Sun provides vocational training to make special children self-reliant members of society.  Please sponsor one month cost of raw material used in a department to enable these special children in becoming contributing members of society.





Rs. 15,000/- (Weaving Dept.)
Rs. 15,000/- (Textile Dept.)
Rs. 15,000/- (Woodwork Dept.)


Give Donation
Your donation can bring smiles on the faces of special children. Help us in spreading hope. Donate for cause of special children.









Rs. 10,000/- (Ten Thousand)
Rs. 30,000/- (Thirty Thousand)
Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand)


Give Zakat
Assist us for the welfare of special children by ZAKAT for those special students who deserve your ZAKAT.

Rising Sun spends zakat according to Shariah laws. So you can give zakat for the welfare of Zakat deserving students of RSI. You can read the Fatwa here.






Rs. 10,000/- (Ten Thousand)
Rs. 30,000/- (Thirty Thousand)
Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand)


Sponsor Medicines
Rising Sun also provide medicines to the needy students along with their education and training and spending around 15,000 monthly. You can sponsor medicines/lifesaving drugs.








Rs. 15,000/- (One Month)
Rs. 90,000/- (Six Months)
Rs. 180,000/- (One Year)


Sponsor Transportation
Rising Sun Providing Pick and Drop service to Special Children as well and you can sponsor transportation charges of one special child. Your kindness will ensure that a special child gets access to education and training facilities.






Rs. 1,000/- (One Child/Monthly)
Rs. 6,000/- (One Child/Bi-annual)
Rs. 12,000/- (One Child/Annual)


Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society is totally dependent on its donors. Your donations matter a lot, please use the below mentioned methods to send us your donations:

or Call Tel: 042-35899252

National Tax Number # 2136471-7

Sponsor A Child at Rising Sun

The Rising Sun Institute is spending Rs: 7000/= per child per month. You can sponsor a child by sending your donations Annually, Quarterely or Monthly basis. This is only because of the support and contribution of sensitized citizens and corporate sector.

We are sure that you will also join us to bestow smile on the faces of special children through your generous contributions.

Donate an Equipment

In our endeavours to give these children the best in education, training and care we need support from caring people of the society. We request you to sponsor one or more of the following items for special children at rising sun institute

International Donations Now via PayPal

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SMS Donations to Rising Sun

SMS based donations, short code is coming very soon. It is in registration process.

Send us Your Donation via Cash, Cheque or Bank Draft/Cashier’s Cheque

You may send your Cash, Cheque or Bank Draft in favour of “Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society” on the following address:

Chief Eexecutive Officer Rising Sun Institute for Special Children

544/2, Sector XX, Phase III, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, D.H.A. Lahore
Ph: 92-42-35899252, 35740161 , 35734133 & 35693802 Fax: 92-42-35693803

You can also deposit your ZAKAT and Donations directly to:

Bank Alfalah Limited, Islamic Banking Y, Phase III, D.H.A, Lahore

Branch Code: 502
Title of A/C “Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society”
A/C # 5502-5000390099
Swift Code: ALFHPKK 502
IBAN: PK96ALFH5502005000390099

MCB Islamic Banking Z Block, D.H.A, Lahore.

Title of A/C “Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society”
A/C # 9002662711001685
IBAN: PK08MUCB9002662711001685

Habib Metropolitian Bank Ltd, Sector Z, Phase III, D.H.A. Lahore Cantt.

Branch Code: 034
Title of A/C “Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society”
A/C # 20311-110276
Swift Code: MPBL PKKA 034
IBAN: PK29MPBL0234027140110276

Online International Donations / Online Bank Transfer

You can also deposit your ZAKAT and Donations from any country by using swift code directly to:

Bank Al-Falah Limited, Gulberg Lahore.

Branch Code: 0028
A/C # 0028-1003544979
IBAN# PK88ALFH0028001003544979

All donations to Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society are Tax Exempted under item 36 of section 2 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 read in conjunction with rule 214(3) of Income Tax Rule 2002

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