Rising Sun Institute for Special Children Defence Campus

To provide the best possible training, education, and support to special children, Dr. & Mrs. Abdul Tawwab envisioned setting up a specialized purpose-built campus with all facilities to cater different kinds of intellectually impaired children. Defence Housing Authority Lahore donated an eight (8) Kanal plot to Rising Sun Institute on which this magnanimous campus has been built by Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society. The campus is a four-story building (the basement, ground floor, 1st.floor and the 2nd Floor). This purpose built, state of the art campus is the largest, the best equipped & staffed institute for training, education & rehabilitation of children suffering from intellectual impairment, cerebral palsy and autism in Pakistan. Recently class for children with visual impairment has also been added and we also plan to start a section for children with hearing impairment from September 2012.

Salient Features

  1. Largest Purpose built campus for Children with intellectual impairment,
    Cerebral Palsy & Autism
  2. State of the art Management Center for CP Children
  3. Fully Equipped Physiotherapy Section
  4. Hydrotherapy pool
  5. Sensory integration therapy
  6. Occupational Therapy
  7. Speech Therapy

Campus Specialized Services

  1. Section for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  2. Management of Autism under different standard programs especially “Son Rise” Program
  3. Pre-Vocational Training
  4. Vocational Training
  5. Family Support Program
  6. Early Intervention Program
  7. Computer Education
  8. Daily Living Skills
  9. Sports & Games

Mughalpura Campus

In order to facilitate the children from Northern part of Lahore, a new campus was opened in Mughalpura in September 2003, with thirty-five students who were coming to Defence campus. The endeavor was to serve them at their accessible location. The campus was established in one Kanal building, a property of Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society. It has most of the facilities that a special school requires and our well trained and qualified staff is providing love, care, training, and education to more than 150 special children under its roof.