Mrs. Perveen Tawwab

Founder & President of Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society

Message by the President

In 1984 Sorrow and tears of a mother motivated me to enter the field of special education. Fatima Ejaz, a girl with Down’s syndrome, was a patient of my husband (Prof. Dr. Abdul Tawwab Khan, a renowned pediatrician). I saw her mother shedding tears in despair, as she was not able to find suitable teaching & training facilities for her daughter. Rising Sun was started as an attempt to bring light into the life of a family having a special daughter. Once the journey started, we never looked back. I was the first teacher, psychologist, special educationist, speech therapist as well as support staff of the institute. The Positive aura of these innocent souls always energized me and kept me going. My husband, Dr. Abdul Tawwab Khan was always by my side in all endeavors. Rising sun after a humble start from our dining room has now emerged into a very effective organization which is striving on multiple fronts to “make special persons self-reliant members of society”. But the guiding principle behind all these efforts still remains the same that is “bringing a ray of hope in lives of special children and their families”.